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Through the Wormhole

Through the Wormhole is a tiny little novel that’s perfect for young readers, and reluctant readers too. It’s a science fiction adventure, and it’s fast-paced, exciting and funny.

Cover design for Through the Wormhole, a sci fi adventure for kids, by John Arthur Nichol. Cover design by Manuela Pentangelo.

Through the Wormhole – the Story

Through the Wormhole begins with a dirty trick. It backfires, and two girls vanish into thin air. Ruben is terrified because it’s all his fault – even if he doesn’t know how he did it. Thomas has a few ideas, and he’s quietly confident that he can solve this wonderful new puzzle.

But Mrs Abbott’s acting weird and Mr Bromble really isn’t himself; and though the mystery begins in the Principal’s office, it will take four children on a perilous journey to a galaxy far far away … but then again, maybe it’s just some local binary system.

Four mismatched children thrown together – the teacher’s pet, the class bully, the nerd, and a girl who just loves flying. Can they overcome their differences, rescue their teachers, make their escape, and get back in time to save their classmates?

Thomas, Jenny, Ruben and Sarah stumble onto an alien planet. Their teacher and principal are already there. And now the locals are trying to stop them all from leaving.


Wormholes are the very stuff of Science Fiction. The stars are so far away we’d need generations to reach them, using human technology. But wormholes get us there much faster, so we need them in our stories.

Three alien creatures emerge from a wormhole. Image originally published in Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship, a kids sci fi picture book by John Arthur Nichol. Illustration by Manuela Pentangelo.It doesn’t matter what you call them – wormholes, black holes, jump points, hyper gates, fold space, wrinkles in time – they’re portals, and they carry our imaginations to the stars.

In Through the Wormhole, four children discover a portal just like this. It’s a fast-paced, exciting and funny adventure where danger lurks at both ends of the journey.

Reader Reaction

This book made me smile so much; I am now kicking myself wishing that I kept track of when and why so I could write it all down here. For fear of including too many spoilers though, I suppose it is all for the best. Needless to say, John has done it again with another captivating and comical book.

This story’s plot reminded me of “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” (a personal favorite growing up) with an overarching science fiction theme that together ultimately created an endearing tale of adventure and friendship (I also love all things space and astronomy, even if it’s just theoretical like a wormhole. So I must admit that this title had me at hello).

John is skilled at making his characters convincing and believable people; the children’s banter was not only funny but also nostalgic, bringing me back to a time where it was truly plausible for others to have cooties.

I also found myself lost in a suspenseful moment, only to have it playfully unraveled and leaving me laughing at myself for getting so entangled in the scene. But then again that’s what a good book is supposed to do, right?
Thomai Dion, author of Think-a-Lot-Tots


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