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Sascha Martin’s Time Machine

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the past!

Sascha Martin’s Time Machine:
a kids’ sci-fi adventure that will have you in stitches! It’s funny, too.

Sascha’s class has been exploring
in the distant Pleistocene
And the past is always better
with a working Time Machine

Sascha whips one up and brings it
in to class, and turns it on;
And the tranquil air, so rare
at Landfill Public School, is gone …

If you giggle at The Dolly on
the Dustcart (by Pam Ayres)
If you chuckle over Winnie
at the bottom of the stairs

If you love Revolting Rhymes (Roald
Dahl), or Seuss ‘n eggs in green
You’ll adore John Arthur Nichol’s
Sascha Martin’s Time Machine

Sascha, Luca and Mary-Alice escape on a mega dandelion in Sascha Martin's Time Machine.

It’s a belly-laughing, illustrated
children’s book that rhymes
And the kids will want to read it
with you fifty million times.

This is Volume 2 of Sascha
Martin’s Misadventures. Ooh!
And it does, in fact, accommodate
a lot of Number Two!

“With vibrant illustrations, witty verse, and engaging interactive elements, this story will keep younger kids engaged and leave older ones (and their parents) laughing their heads off.”

(A. C. Spahn, author of the Endurance series and the upcoming Arcane Artisans series.)

Sascha Martin's Time Machine for Kindle

* This edition of the Time Machine's
for Kindle, and it means
It's intended just for Kindle Fire
and Android tablet screens

Using Kindle on a Mac it works
by mouse-click, overall …
But it doesn’t work on iOS,
not on iOS, not at all!

In the Kindle app on Windows,
it will open up, but gee,
There are blurry bits of text that
make the meaning hard to see.

Cover Design for Sascha Martin's Time Machine - portrait orientation marketing cover.

Sascha Martin’s Time Machine for Kindle Fire and Android tablets is available on the Kindle store: this link should take you straight to Sascha Martin’s Time Machine on the Amazon store you normally use.

Sascha Martin’s Time Machine for EPUB

The EPUB’s set to go on 30 April 2019.

Aggie from Sascha Martin's Time Machine, holding an iPad for the reader to see.

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