Sascha Martin Confidential: the Advance Readers Group

Sascha Martin Confidential

is a Readers Group, or two ...

One's for readers giving feedback,

one's for posting a review


And of course you might do both,

or volunteer for only one ...

But the journey will be awesome

and, we think, a lot of fun




If you’re here, you may be considering joining Sascha Martin Confidential as a beta reader or as an advance reviewer. Or both.

I really hope, after travelling this road with Manuela and me from first ideas to a finished, interactive kids’ eBook, that posting a review when the book hits Amazon will feel like a natural next step for you, and it won’t be difficult at all.


By then you’ll know as much about the book as we do, you’ll know the story and the images and all the surprises we’ve built in, and you’ll have an opinion that’s all your own about the finished product.






Your feedback along the way will be crucial, and we’d love it if you choose to write a review at the end :)





If you do sign up to Sascha Martin Confidential, you’ll receive the book for free, in different stages and formats as it develops, so that you can provide Manuela and myself with feedback, ask us stuff, and make suggestions. And, also free of course, you’ll receive Sascha Martin’s Time Machine in its finished incarnation an interactive Kindle eBook: a book that you’ll have helped to create.



Now here’s a wrinkle. Initially we’re developing Sascha Martin’s Time Machine for Kindle devices specifically ...



It’s a decision we made to take advantage of aspects of Kindle software that allow some quite unique interactive tricks. So, because this version of the ebook relies on software only available on Kindle hardware, it won’t work on other devices or in Kindle apps on other devices.



In order to experience the book as it’s intended to be read, you’ll need access to a Kindle reader or a Kindle Fire tablet.


But don’t run away yet! ... Don’t go!


We want your feedback, Kindle hardware or not, and you can still participate if you don’t own a Kindle device.


We’ll send you high quality PDF files throughout the process: it won’t be exactly the interactive experience we’d like you to have, but we’ll do everything we can to help you visualise what that interactive experience will be like.


You won’t regret sticking around, I promise. And the interactive versions will be yours for free, in case you do acquire a Kindle in the future or along the way.

If you’re already a member of the list and you’d like to join Sascha Martin Confidential, you can do it in one of two ways:



The messy way is to use the signup form below - enter your email address and hit “Subscribe”


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Select that link and you’re set.



The tidy way  is to open one of the emails you’ve already received from the list, and choose “update your preferences” down at the bottom of the email.

And if you’re not a member of the list yet but you’d like to join Sascha Martin Confidential, just use the form below.

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Advance Readers Group

So - new subscriber or seasoned veteran of annoying versified emails, welcome to Sascha Martin Confidential ...

and let the journey begin!