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John Arthur Nichol – Children’s Books

Sascha Martin’s Misadventures


Book One:

Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship

Get it Free3D book cover for Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship, by John Arthur Nichol.

“If you can only afford one disaster in your life this year, make it Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship!”

Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship is a wild, funny, deliciously silly adventure wrapped in rhyming verse and Manuela Pentangelo’s wonderful illustrations. Flying pies meet screaming teachers high above the school in this debut disaster featuring Sascha Martin, an eight-year old boy whose genius knows no responsibility.

“Delightful, rhyming story that keeps your fingers turning the pages.” E. C. Kraeft, author of White Castle.

Sascha Martin brings a rocket to school, a really big rocket. It’s packed with rocket fuel but he’s only going to talk about it. So no problem, right?

Wrong. So wrong!

Detail from Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship, a kids sci fi picture book by John Arthur Nichol. Sascha Martin clings to the tail of his rocket as it roars out of control. Illustration by Manuela Pentangelo.

Join the fun as Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship soars out of control in the skies above Landfill Public School, taking Sascha and a pair of teachers along for the ride.

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Book Two:

Sascha Martin’s Time Machine

Buy itLandscape cover design for Sascha Martin's Time Machine: a kids' sci-fi adventure that will have you in stitches. It's funny, too. Written by John Arthur Nichol. Illustrated by Manuela Pentangelo.

2M is studying the really big animals that used to live in Australia. It’s a perfect opportunity for Sascha to try out his latest invention.

Why bother with books and fossils, when Sascha can take the whole class back in time to meet the local megafauna in real life.

Detail from Sascha Martin's Time Machine, a kids sci fi picture book by John Arthur Nichol. The time machine itself, invented by eight-year old Sascha Martin. Illustration by Manuela Pentangelo.

Chaos rules when Sascha Martin’s Time Machine erases 12,000 years, bringing 2M face to face with a really scary past.

Experience this deliciously aberrant, horrifically delightful, surprisingly interactive adventure on Kindle (EPUB to follow) as Sascha Martin, his classmates and their teacher, Mrs Mayhem, go toe to toe with Australia’s megafauna – no longer just bits of bone, but creatures living and breathing, biting and fighting, flapping and snapping and chasing and fleeing and howling and hooting and snorting and buzzing in the sky.

And then there’s the Demon Duck of Doom, a nightmare from the Miocene – but that was a calibration error.

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John Arthur Nichol Children’s Books:

Through the Wormhole

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3D Cover of Through the Wormhole, by John Arthur Nichol.

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Through the Wormhole begins with a dirty trick that backfires. Two girls vanish into thin air. Ruben is terrified because it’s all his fault – even if he doesn’t know how he did it. Thomas has a few ideas, and he’s quietly confident that he can solve this wonderful new puzzle.

But Mrs Abbott’s acting weird and Mr Bromble really isn’t himself; and though the mystery begins in the Principal’s office, it will take four children on a perilous journey to a galaxy far far away … but then again, maybe it’s just some local binary system.

Come along for a wild and scary adventure half way across the galaxy.

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