Sascha Martin's Adventures

Sascha Martin

Sascha Martin is an inventor. His ideas are so unusual that even he doesn't know where they come from. But once he's thought of something, he'll find a way to make it happen - whatever the consequences and however approximately. He lives on Periwinkle Crescent and is in Class 2M at Landfill Public School. His only neighbours are Luca Blanco (his best friend), and Mary-Alice Cooper (a trial to be endured). There's also the Periwinkle Palace of the Past, but that's another story.

Mary-Alice Cooper

Mary-Alice Cooper is Sascha's very best non-friend. Luca's, too. The three of them are inseparable, unless the boys can escape when she's not looking. She's an outspoken member of class 2M and is never without her phone (for selfies) and her iPad (a fashion accessory). Her opinions are regularly broadcast on Twitter, Facebook, in class, in the playground, on the way to and from school, in her blog entries, in peremptory notes thrust into reluctant hands, and in any other forum she can access.

Luca Blanco

Luca Blanco is a collector of Interesting Things. And because he finds most things interesting, he wears clothes especially designed to accommodate a lot of pockets, which he has to empty at the end of the day (or sooner if movement becomes difficult). He's quite practical, though, and helped his best friend Sascha build the famous Rocket-Ship. Luca writes poems and likes to cook, and spends a lot of time arranging his Interesting Things according to categories he changes on a whim.

Through the wormhole

Thomas Shepherd

Thomas Shepherd is such a deep thinker that he often fails to notice the outside world. But the outside world sees him, because he's Different. He's at his happiest with a puzzle to solve, or a mystery to unravel, and Through the Wormhole he'll find plenty of material to work with.

Ruben Novak

Ruben Novak is a big kid and a bully, and the cloud that constantly darkens Thomas Shepherd's life. He's always in trouble, always on detention, always on the lookout for something nasty to do to someone - anyone. But when he slips Through the Wormhole, the old rules change for good.

Jenny Sawyer

Jenny Sawyer loves unicorns. She's also a teacher's pet with a serious sticker addiction. She'll do anything to get them, and she doesn't care what her classmates think. There's never a wrinkle in her clothes or a hair out of place. Her best friend is Sarah, and Ruben Novak is her nemesis.

Sarah Wolff

Sarah Wolff loves flying as much as Jenny loves unicorns and  stickers. Both her parents are pilots, and that's what Sarah wants to be, too. She's done every simulation she can, and takes the controls whenever her parents let her. But a challenge awaits her on the other side of the wormhole.