Sascha Martin's Time Machine

Sascha Martin's Time Machine is the second Show and Tell disaster that eight year old Sascha brings to school.


He's set the bar high with the maiden flight of his rocket-ship, and now he's promised Class 2M the ultimate excursion: a journey back in time to the prehistory of Australia, where they can finish their science unit properly ... hands-on, with real, live megafauna.


Wombats as big as a rhinoceros? Carnivorous kangaroos? Marsupial lions, angry birds and enormous, slithering pythons?


What could possibly go wrong with that?


Manuela Pentangelo is capturing this brand new mega-disaster right now, in images to delight and horrify any child. But why wait? Join Sascha Martin Confidential and follow along every step of the way as the images and the adventure unfold.