Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship, Book One in the Sascha Martin Adventures, is a wild, funny, deliciously silly adventure wrapped in rhyming verse and Manuela Pentangelo’s wonderful illustrations. Flying pies meet screaming teachers high above the school in this debut disaster featuring Sascha Martin, an eight-year old boy whose genius knows no responsibility. Show-and-Tell will never be the same in Sascha’s classroom, or in his school. 

Sascha Martin's Time Machine is the second misbegotten adventure featuring the brilliant and blissfully irresponsible eight year old who's really good at making the impossible happen. He's promised to take the class back in time, but things don't go exactly to plan, and before he can say “Oops!” he's plunged the entire school - every child and every teacher - into a prehistoric catastrophe they’ll be lucky to survive.

Through the Wormhole is an  exciting, fast-paced scifi adventure with some laughs out loud, packed into a short novel that's perfect for young readers (reluctant, avid, or anywhere in between). Can four mismatched children - the teacher’s pet, the class bully, the outcast, and a girl who just loves flying - overcome their differences, rescue their teachers, retrieve one of their own, and make it back in time to save their classmates?