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Time Machine Beta Testers Wanted

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Guest Post by Science Fiction Author Clayton Graham

Clayton Graham and I share an interest in science fiction, and though we write for different audiences, we’ve decided to test the waters in each other’s sphere.


I'm hoping that Clayton’s grown-up readers have younger relatives and friends, or children of their own, who gobble up science fiction as well. Here on my site I’m introducing Clayton Graham to an audience of parents and grandparents scouting books for their younger charges, who also buy books for themselves and may well enjoy Milijun (which I adored) and subsequent novels.

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Character Design for Sascha Martin's Time Machine: Mary-Alice Cooper

Mary-Alice Cooper Character Design Progression for Sascha Martin's Time Machine
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Where to Buy Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship ... or get a free copy!

Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship is available now in glorious colour at Lindfield Bookshop & Children's Bookshop, 328 Pacific Highway, Lindfield NSW 2070. Price $14.95 (AU)

Contact the bookshop direct on (02) 9416 4201.


You can download Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship as a Kindle eBook from Amazon sites anywhere, including their Australian website (price $3.99). The Kindle version will display in all Kindle apps as well as dedicated Kindle devices, because it's a simple image-only edition with the text embedded on each page.


Print copies can be found at Lindfield Bookshop (above) or ordered directly here (contact page) or from  CreateSpace (Print on Demand) - the price listed there is in US dollars, as books ordered from CreateSpace ship from America.


Would you like a copy signed by the author with a personalised message at no extra cost - $14.95 (AU) plus postage? Drop me a line on the contact page and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can manage.


Alternatively, I'd love to send you a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Write to me here if you're interested and we'll get it organised.




Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship is Almost in Colour!

The full colour version of Sascha Martin's Rocket-ship is so close now! All the drawings are finished, the text is in place, the files are formatted and everything looks the way it's supposed to.

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