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Time Machine Beta Testers

Sascha Martin’s Time Machine is an interactive Kindle book for kids of all ages. Our preliminary working version is ready for testing and we need you, brave time machine beta testers, if you have a Kindle reader or Fire tablet (don’t feel slighted if you don’t have a Kindle, because I will be developing the book for EPUB once the Kindle version is put to bed).

Sascha Martin's Time Machine
Sascha Martin’s Time Machine

Free Book for Time Machine Beta Testers

Time machine beta testers who download the book and give us their feedback will receive the finished eBook free. By “us” I mean myself and Manuela, the illustrator, because we’ve both been working hard to make this awesomely interactive kids book a reality. It’s been a huge learning curve for both of us.

Time Machine Beta Testers wanted. Aggie spots the Demon Duck of Doom in Sascha Martin's Time Machine, an interactive kids picture book.

Time Machine Beta Testers wanted. A classmate spots the Demon Duck of Doom in Sascha Martin's Time Machine, an interactive kids picture book.










The Feedback We need from Time Machine Beta Testers

We need feedback about the content and the interactivity. Do you like the book and is it easy to navigate and use? And if you have kids or grandchildren, or nephews or nieces, what do they think of the book? Because ultimately it’s a book for kids, and we want to make sure we’ve got it right for them.

Time Machine Beta Testers wanted. Tyrannosaurus Rex in Sascha Martin's Time Machine.

You may be wondering why we need time machine beta testers with actual Kindle devices. It’s because Kindle has its own software for interactivity that doesn’t work on other platforms. The cool things that pop up and change and surprise in sascha Martin’s Time Machine won’t work in Kindle apps on non-Kindle platforms. So it has to be Kindle hardware.


We’ve built the book with the Kindle Fire tablets in mind, because they have nice big screens and display colour images, but the Time Machine should work on Kindle eReaders as well. (despite the smaller, black and white screens), and hopefully your kindness in testing the book will confirm this.


Time Machine Beta Testers Sign Up here

So if you love science fiction, adventure and laughter, and you’d like to be a time machine beta tester, let us know using the form below. We’ll send you the beta copy of Sascha Martin’s Time Machine before you can say Giant Witchetty Grub!


Time Machine Beta Testers wanted. Mary-Alice Cooper escapes a giant witchetty grub in Sascha Martin's Time Machine, an interactive kids picture book.


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