Character Design for Sascha Martin's Time Machine: Mary-Alice Cooper

Mary-Alice Cooper Character Design Progression for Sascha Martin's Time Machine

Mary-Alice Cooper Stars in Sascha Martin's Time Machine

Mary-Alice Cooper character design for Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship
Mary-Alice Cooper in Sascha Martin's Time Machine

Gifted young picture-book character Mary-Alice Cooper insisted on a make-over for her second appearance in the Sascha Martin Adventure series.


She feels it's important to look her best (not that she ever doesn't) because in Sascha Martin's Time Machine she takes on what she describes as a leading role.


"After all, I'm mentioned by name! And I have lines to say! And of course, I'm right there on the cover of the book!"


Her illustrator agreed that Mary-Alice needed to be given some more depth, given the critical importance of her latest role, and has been working with the young star to bring out all the ability and talent she has to offer. And what an abundance there is of both!  


At left is a still of Mary-Alice Cooper as she rehearses for the new book cover, and in the image sequence above you can see some of the highlights of her journey to this point, from reading her lines at far right, to blocking her moves and workshopping the script, and on to the full un-dress-rehearsal.


"I'm so ready for this!" Mary-Alice confided during a break in rehearsals today. "I just don't know if the world is ready for me ... but hey it's like, you know, ready or not, here I come!"

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