I Hate Your Rocket-Ship, Sascha Martin! It's a Rotten, Rotten Rocket-Ship and It Looks Silly!

Oh my god Sascha that was SO embarrassing this morning! Couldn’t you think of OTHER PEOPLE for once? No, forget other people! Couldn’t you think of ME?

You’re supposed to follow ME in through the gate so MY public could adore ME! But no, you had to push in first with that ROCKET in a WAGON and … Oh my god, no-one could even SEE me!!!

When I finally squeezed through the crowd, EVERYONE was talking about your ROCKET THING! And that's all they were talking about! It’s like I was invisible! 

It’s not like I could go out the gate again and make another entrance.


Well I hope your rocket explodes in your face at News and Mrs Mayhem makes you write out I will not blow up the classroom, 500 times!

I'm seriously considering not walking home with you and Luca this afternoon. Then you’ll be sorry!

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