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John Arthur Nichol, Author

Welcome to the home site of John Arthur Nichol, children’s author.

Sascha Martin’s Time Machine

is on its way!

Sascha Martin, Mary-Alice Cooper and Luca Blanco react in alarm inside the energy sphere created by the time machine.

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When Sascha Martin’s Time Machine finally launches, it will be available for a short time on preorder, and at a discount.

It’s been more than a year in the making. The drawings are done, the text is placed, we’ve coded the interactive elements, and now Manuela is adding colour to each page.

Sascha Martin’s Time Machine is getting close.

I wanted to let you know, and give you the opportunity to register for an alert when the book goes on pre-order, so you can buy it at a discounted price. Just sign up for John’s author mailing list, and I’ll email you the moment I know the date for preorders so you can mark it in your calendar and grab that discount.

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Sascha Martin’s Time Machine

Class 2M at Landfill Public School is studying the really big animals that used to live in Australia. It’s a perfect opportunity for Sascha to try out his latest invention.

Why bother with books and fossils, when Sascha can take the whole class back in time to meet the local megafauna in real life.

Chaos rules when Sascha Martin’s Time Machine reaches back 12,000 years to create a face to face encounter with Australia’s really scary past. Read more …


John Arthur Nichol

John Arthur Nichol is the author of the hilarious Sascha Martin series of children’s picture books.

His stories and poems romp through the science fiction genre, with big doses of laugher and mayhem along the way.

He has also written a short adventure novel called Through the Wormhole.

John Arthur Nichol does not write full-time. He has a day job. Read more …


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