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John Arthur Nichol, Author

Welcome to the home site of John Arthur Nichol, author of Sascha Martin’s Misadventures:

Sascha Martin's Time Machine and Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship by John Arthur Nichol. 3D book covers

a series of books for people who love to laugh …

Meaning children-people, grown-up people, people in between

Sascha Martin’s Time Machine

“With vibrant illustrations, witty verse, and engaging interactive elements, this story will keep younger kids engaged and leave older ones (and their parents) laughing their heads off.” A. C. Spahn, author of the Endurance series and the upcoming Arcane Artisans series.

I just read this book and it’s great fun! Fanastical story with fantastic artwork. Probably appropriate for middle-grade readers or younger ones who just enjoy wild adventures with some prehistoric creatures … Zara G

Awesome rhymes, lots of laughs and smiles, awesome fun facts, amazingly detailed illustrations. This book is fun for kids and those who just don’t want to grow up alike. Madeleine Bell


Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship

Sascha's Runaway rocket in Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship, by John Arthur Nichol.

I’m loving this pick for my 9 yr old granddaughter … granddaughter still reading this one, good for her first big book. TamTam

I got this book for my two granddaughters ages 7 and 9. I thought it might be too young for them, but not so! Even my husband enjoyed it and the illustrations are terrific. Judith

I read this to my 6 year old and we really enjoyed it. The poem/book is funny and exciting, would definitely recommend. Amazon Customer

We giggled and gasped, and laughed and laughed😄 This book is lots of fun to read and you can even get a free audio download of it too!! My daughter loves the audio book and wants more stories about Sascha!! I agree, and can’t wait to read more about his adventures!! 👏 Viola F.

A picture book for the slightly older reader, Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship blends picture-book rhyming text with graphic-novel images, fast-moving plot and great characters, both teachers and students. … It’s the sort of book that children will return to and share, searching for more items to spot in the wild array of action and images. Sheila Deith – Vine Voice

What are Sascha Martin’s Misadventures?

Praying Mantis and Children from Sascha Martin's Time Machine, by John Arthur Nichol.

Sascha Martin’s Misadventures,
are they picture books? Not quite,
Though they’re illustrated all the way
and not in black and white

They’re not graphic novels,
comics either, strewn across the mat
And they’re certainly not chapter books
a glance will show you that

If you really would define them
why not try one out and see
I’d suggest you start with
Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship – it’s free.

Fires on the floor in Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship, by John Arthur Nichol.

A free misadventure to read

Only two of Sascha Martin’s Misadventures have been published so far, but I’ve written lots more. Would you like to read one? Enter your name and email here and I’ll send you the full text of one of Sascha Martin’s unpublished Misadventures.*

Though the pictures don’t exist yet,
if you draw and send me some,
I’ll display them here as previews
of a book that’s yet to come.

Free Verse? No, Free Prose!

3D Cover of Through the Wormhole, by John Arthur Nichol.

Now in case you think I only write
in verse, which isn’t true,
Here’s a story done in prose that
started small and never grew

You could pick it up on
Amazon but, preferable for me,
If you put your name and email here
I’ll send it to you free*

Landfill Public School Crest, from Sascha Martin's Time Machine, by John Arthur Nichol.

*Then I’ll keep you up to date on stuff
by email, and in rhyme
Well, until you unsubscribe, which
you can do at any time.

John Arthur Nichol 2018